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By phone: (213) 989 - 1200

By email:

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • First and Last Name of student
  • Date of Birth
  • First and Last Name of parent/guardian sending the email
  • Phone number of parent/guardian sending the email
  • Date of Absence
  • Reason for Absence


                            Liechty Middle School's Attendance Goal


Our goal is for all of our students to attend school at a rate of 96% or higher. This means that during the academic school year (180 days), student's should not miss more than 7 full days of school. Please support us in achieving this goal!Attendance Goal Picture

Attendance FAQ

1) What do I have to do if my child is going to be absent?

Please contact the school, by phone or email, to inform them of the absence. If you need to speak to someone regarding your child's absences please contact our PSA Counselor, Ms. Ceballos, at (323) 402 - 1295 or by email at

2) How many absences is my child allowed to have during the school year?

Liechty's goal is for all student's to maintain a 96% attendance rate or higher during the academic school year. This means students should have no more than 7 absences in one school year.

3) How do tardies affect my child?

Tardies to class cause the student to miss instructional time, which can jeopardize their learning and have an impact on their academic grades. Tardies of 30 minutes or more to any class (without a valid reason) count towards the student's truancy count.

4) How many absences are allowed to participate in culmination?

Student's can have no more than 7 full day absences (28 period absences) in order to be eligible to participate in the 8th grade culmination. *Please keep in mind that this is only one of the culmination requirements. 

5) What does it mean for my child to be "truant"?

The California Education Code (Section 48260) states that any student who has 3 unexcused absences or 3 unexcused tardies of 30 minutes or more is considered "truant".

6) What is the Compulsory Education Law?

The California Education Code (Section 48200) states that all students between the age of 6-18 must attend school "for the full-time designated as the length of the school day" (student must attend all of his/her classes for the entire duration of the school day).

7) What absences are considered excused vs. unexcused?

Excused Absences

Unexcused Absences

- Illness or injury of the student

- Running errands with family

- Medical appointments of the student

- Vacations or trips

- Quarantine

- Babysitting

- Funeral of immediate family member (may include any relative residing with the pupil) - 1 day for California service, 3 days for out of state

- Family emergency

Attendance Matters!

I Rise, I attend, I Matter, Campaign

me Levanto, Asisto, Soy Importante, Campana