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Mission and Vision


John H. Liechty Middle School's



John Liechty Middle School is a student-centered school that empowers students to become resourceful, lifelong learners and productive citizens who are critical thinkers equipped with the 21st century skills and social-emotional strength needed to achieve academic success.



The mission of John Liechty Middle School is to provide an education that involves academic rigor, integration of arts and technology, and authentic problem solving in an environment that supports all students socially, emotionally, culturally and academically using Habits of Mind, higher Depth of Knowledge levels, project-based learning, restorative justice, and other strategies as needed to create and teach a rigorous school curriculum.





Citizenship Innovation

Character Teamwork

Scholarship Trust

Leadership Responsibility

Service Aspiration

Cultural Integrity



Student Learner Outcomes



We conduct ourselves with integrity and advocate for

ourselves and others.



We are self-disciplined critical thinkers who pursue




We practice a growth mindset and healthy self-management.



We strive to achieve our highest academic potential