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        Liechty Library Media Center (LMC) aka The Sharkbrary

 Policies and Procedures

John H. Liechty Middle School

Teacher Librarian (TL):  C.M. Williams




Required 6th grade library orientations will be scheduled from

  • Beginning in the month of September of each school year.
  • provided to all 6th grade students through their English and or Social Studies classes. 
  • 6th graders will be allowed to check out books upon completion of orientation classes.


Other grade level orientations may be arranged with Ms. Williams, the Teacher Librarian following the completion of the 6th Grade Orientations.


Hours of Operation


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 7:30 am - 3:15 pm


Tuesday -  7:30 am - 1:27 pm


Open daily at lunch time.




The LMC’s hours are flexible and subject to change depending on any school related activities involving the LMC or the Teacher Librarian.





  • School ID cards are required to check out books. 
  • Students may check out two books at a time for two weeks.
  • Students may renew checked out books up to 3 times  unless that title has a hold request.
  • 7th & 8th graders can use their IDs from previous years.
  • We will make exceptions for 6th graders only until they get their new IDs. No exceptions once IDs have
  • been issued.
  • Students and Faculty are responsible for the cost of any lost or damaged library materials.
  • Late fees are 10¢ day for regular books, 25¢ a day for reference books.
  • Periodicals
  • Magazines and newspapers will be accessible online through
  • OPAC  Once OPAC opens, click on Webpath Express link. When this page opens, type in your query and select the format button.
  • LAUSD's Digital Library.




  • Teachers may check out up to ten books at a time; the same late fees will be assigned but waived.
  • (Statistical reports must be maintained.)
  •  Teachers may also check out up to three DVDs or videos at the same time; these resources have a five day check-out period.
  • You may renew if you need more time as long as no one else has requested that title.
  •  Teachers may call to request materials; however we ask that teachers please use OPAC prior to requesting AV materials.
  •  Reminder: Prompt returns of all checked out materials are most appreciated.

AV use for teachers:

  • Please visit the LMC to browse the collection or
  • Call the Teacher Librarian or send a student with pass should you have a specific request. 
  • AV materials are checked out to teachers for 3 to 5  days only.
  • Prompt returns are appreciated.
  • Please follow all District guidelines pertaining to audiovisual media.
  • Thank you in advance for your prompt returns.
  • Please follow all District guidelines pertaining to audiovisual media.


  • A primary concern is maintaining the integrity of our library collection.  Therefore, as a courtesy, we will be alerting students about any overdue books through their ELA teacher or 1st period teacher.
  • We ask that you please distribute these notices ASAP and we Thank You Very Much in advance for helping us to preserve our collection for future use and so that we can use our limited funding for new resources, not replacements.




Overdue Book.....................................................10 cents per day per book.

Overdue Reference Books .................................25 cents per day per book.

Overdue Audio Books.........................................10 cents per day per audio book.

Lost Book............................................................Cost of Book plus fees.

Damaged Book...................................................$1.00 - $5.00 dependent upon damage and possible repair.

Lost/Damaged barcodes.....................................50 cents each.

Lost/ Damage cards, pockets, etc....................... 50 cents - $1.00 per item.




Individual Student  LMC Use


  • Individual students will be able to use the library before school, during lunch, during the instructional period, and immediately after school.                                                                                                        
  • Students must have their student IDs for library transactions. (Always bring the ID when visiting the library)


  • Students who wish to use the Library before school must line up outside, submit their student ID card,
  • and sign up each morning with the Campus Aide where they will be escorted into the LMC.


  • Students are to remain in the library before school until dismissed at the morning bell.


  • No computer access will be granted until a student has submitted proof of a completed AUP for this academic year.  Students should submit these forms to the appropriate personnel.


  • Students found in violation of the AUP will have their access immediately revoked and may be subject to additional legal and school consequences.


Additional Information

  • Per the standards, students must have access to a printer for school work, computer stations 1-6  have been connected to a printer. Due to expensive and rising cost of toner and because all LAUSD libraries must be self-sufficient the following applied:
  • printer copies will be 5¢ per page for black/white prints
  • 25 cents a page for color prints
  • Photo copies are 10 per page and 25 cents for color.
  • If students are strapped for funds, he/she may charge their fees to their accounts and pay later.
  • IDs are required to charge fees to an account.

Student LAUSD mymail Accounts

  • Student email accounts will activated by class.
  • Call first before sending students to the library who are having difficulty logging in.
  • Students who have simply forgotten their password or username will have to reset their password at MyLogin . Simply follow the step by step directions.


Other Services Provided by the Teacher Librarian

  • Research Bibliographies (Complete and return the Assignment Alert to the TL)
  • Book talks/reviews
  • Book Lists
  • Evaluation of websites
  • Fundraisers (Book fairs and library sales)
  • Mini and introductory lessons in research and study skills (all grade levels)
  • Library Orientation
  • OPAC
  • Digital Library
  • Big 6 Research Skills
  • Plagiarism
  • Types of Research Resources (print, electronic, databases, web, internet)
  • Citing Sources & Bibliographic Formats
  • Cornell Notes



Teachers may reserve the LMC for class use by signing the reservation schedule available in the LMC in person or by phone.


  • Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Please instruct your students to always bring their student IDs with them when visiting the LMC.


  • Teachers are to make sure their students adhere to the LMC’s rules and policies (this includes classes coming in to use the LMC’s computers.)


  • Please adhere to your scheduled time. (As all time is accounted for and other activities & duties are planned.)


  • Teachers are required to remain with their classes throughout their visit.


  • Guest / Substitute teachers may not bring classes to the LMC unless it has been arranged beforehand by the regular classroom teacher with the Teacher Librarian.


  • Students sent to the LMC during an instructional period must have an official pass that is signed, timed, and dated by the sending teacher.


  • Please be cognizant of the fact that a class may be in the LMC and or the librarian may be involved in teaching a class, giving a presentation or orientation.


  • We strictly observe the “10 minute rule.”  Do not send individual students or small groups during the first ten minutes of class.  As this is my instructional time for my LP students.


  •  Students who arrive while the 10 minute rule is in effect will be sent back to their classroom.


  • Teachers may send up to 6 individual students at a time on a rotational basis (if needed) or a small group/team to check out books or to work on a project. Please remind then to always bring their student IDs with them when visiting the LMC.


  • Please do not send students (groups) without calling the Library beforehand. 
  • We may have classes already working in the Library.
  • Classes already using the computers.
  • TL unavailable (working with a class, doing a presentation or lesson)
  • ALWAYS call ahead.



  • You can visit the additional web site (The Sharkbrary)
  • The library’s  additional web site, “The Sharkbrary” is currently available for student and teacher access to the library’s catalog, LAUSD’s Digital Library, ebooks, periodicals, newspapers and various student and teacher resources etc. The library’s website will be transferred to the school’s library page on the school’s site once it is up and running. In the meantime “The Sharkbrary” can be access through Google.


Thank you,

Ms. Williams (TL)