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John Liechty Middle School,aka JLMS, "Home of the Sharks" is named for the late District employee and education activist who started the "Beyond the Bell" after school program. (See bio below.)

John H. Liechty Middle School not only commemorate John Liechty’s vision-it also reaffirms a shared commitment to giving every student the opportunity to succeed.


The Program

The school design for John Liechty Middle School is to provide a neighborhood school on a traditional calendar for an instructional program committed to the intellectual and social-emotional growth of its students. Liechty empowers students to become resourceful, lifelong learners and productive citizens equipped with 21st Century critical thinking skills.

John Liechty Middle School understands the importance of the whole child concept and the multi-dimensional learning modalities of students and feels it is important in addition to the “Common Core State Standards” to also employ components of STEAM.

Therefore, John Liechty Middle School is not only built around rigorous instruction and professional learning communities but also offers high quality instruction which is collaboratively designed and implemented throughout the subject areas with integration of the Arts and Technology which is core to our philosophy. Technology is a part of every classroom experience. Each class has a set of iPads or ChromeBooks. Students also have access to 2 computer labs, a library research lab and a Media Arts lab.

We offer elective Art classes in Digital Imaging, 3d Art, 3d Animation, 3d Modeling and Game Design. Students also have access to honors classes, AVID, Robotics, Coding, Orchestra, and Jazz Band.

In addition, students have access to various extracurricular activities, clubs, after school programs and organizations such as: Woodcraft Rangers, GEAR UP, Communities in Schools, etc.



Students have assigned counselors and teachers who shepherds them through their middle school experience and helps them explore their interests and opportunities for higher learning and career paths (college and career ready), as well as provide a support system to monitor academic progress and encourage engagement in the school community.

Students at Liechty Middle School have a great opportunity to take full advantage of improved learning environments. Not only will they benefit from the PLC model here at Liechty, but they will have the preparation needed to attend various state of the art high schools such as Miguel Contreras Learning Center.

Student voice is strongly encouraged. Liechty has an active ASB Leadership program where students can take a leadership role in school decisions and activities.

In their leadership role, students have created a "Student Bill of Rights and a credo as "What it means to be a Liechty Shark".


The Facility

The facility itself has space-saving features like covered parking that provides a deck for basketball courts. The design of the school also maximizes the use of land for optimal recreation areas - which is a significant achievement in a dense urban environment.

The facility features classrooms for general studies, as well as specialized classrooms for science, art, and performing arts. The site also offers an instrumental music lab, choral room, dance studio, theater-style instructional classrooms and state-of-the-art computer labs. 



John Liechty Middle School has a parent program that encourages and provides opportunities for parents and caregivers to play a more active role in their children's education. Parents are encouraged to get involved in decision making policies. The program also includes parent education classes in everything from at home reading and homework help to Common Core Standards, computers, and discipline.


The Community

John Liechty Middle School is a tremendous asset to this community. Through the partnership of LAUSD and the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Liechty Middle School's athletic field has been upgraded with artificial turf to ensure a year-round play surface. 

LAUSD contributed $1.5 million in Joint Use bond funds to install the surface, matching a contribution from the AYSO to create and develop a new youth soccer program in the Pico-Union community.  This joint use partnership is another example of LAUSD via John Liechty Middle School collaborating with community-based organizations to improve student and neighborhood resources.

Come be a part of the Liechty experience!

Be a Shark!


About Our Namesake


John H. Liechty was part of the Los Angeles Unified School District family for over 30 years. He worked in different capacities as an Assistant Principal and Principal at Berendo Middle School, and as an Assistant Superintendent in charge of San Fernando Valley schools.

He is most remembered for his hard work and dedication towards insuring the educational success of LAUSD students, but particularly the middle school students. He was also a key contributor to the creation of the “Beyond the Bell” expanded-day programs, which serves thousands of LAUSD students each year.