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Library Standards of Behavior


Apple on a ruler


 1. enter quietly and remain quiet.

 2. you must have an official dated & signed pass to visit during a class period.

 3. come prepared with id to borrow materials, work, study, or use the computers.       

 4. no loitering, playing around or wandering around aimlessly. 

 5. never eat, drink or chew anything of any kind in the library.

 6.  do not re-shelve books, place them in the “help, i’m lost bin”.

 7.  keep backpacks off the tables.

 8.  push your chair under the table when you leave.

 9.  clean up all papers, materials and trash before you leave.

 you will be “put out” of the library for any disruptive behavior and if you do not follow the rules.

 a student will be suspended from the library for repeated disruptive behavior.

 if suspended, a parent conference will be required to return.